Education Discounts


Many of our staff members are current or former educators, and we strive to support teachers and students whenever possible. To that end, Turnrow offers a 20% tax-free discount to teachers and librarians.

Getting signed up is easy. Show one of our cashiers a recent pay stub or EEF card and they will enter you into our database. Each time you visit, just give us your last name and the discount will be automatic! Homeschoolers can bring in a copy of the letter of intention that they submit to the school district to qualify.

Please note: This discount applies to books only. Teachers must be present to receive the discount. Discount is not available to friends and family members.

Purchase Orders

There are three ways to purchase books with your school approved purchase orders:

  • You can order a list of books that you need by emailing a complete list  (you must include the title, author and ISBN for each title on the list). We will put your books on order and call you when they are ready for you to pick up. At this time, we do not ship or deliver books from school district purchase orders.
  • You can come in to the store with your Purchase Order in hand and shop our section.
  • You can have your purchasing department email your open purchase order ahead of time and it will be at the cashier when you arrive. Check-in with our manager before starting to shop for books so that we can apply your purchase to the correct PO.